Patz and Hall Winery

Patz & Hall Winery 

After hearing about Patz & Hall for a while now, and having finally made it to their Sonoma Winery, I regret having not gone sooner. The Winery is in Sonoma, literally around the corner from Fremont Diner, one of my ALL TIME favorite Sonoma diners.  So you may be wondering, what’s so fabulous about Patz & Hall and why go?  For starters the Winery is gorgeous.  Upon arriving, a long driveway leads you to the winery which is set quite far from the road. The Winery offers 360 degree gorgeous views of the vineyards.

Patz Hall Winery

Patz Hall Winery

Patz Hall Winery

Patz Hall Winery The Tasting Bar seating area

Patz Hall Winery

Upon arriving for the Salon Tasting (a $50 cost per person) we were welcomed and taken outside to the pack patio to kick off the visit with some bubbles. We enjoyed the 2010 Brut Sparkling from the North Coast while relaxing and taking in the beautiful view of the vineyards.  We also had the pleasure of meeting Donald Patz who came by to say hello and welcome us! What a thoughtful gesture. It’s small touches like this that set apart wineries. As we know, there are many wineries with amazing wine and fabulous tasting experiences. However, having one of the Owners/Founders welcome you to their winery truly makes me feel like a special guest. Thanks again Donald! 

While enjoying the bubbles, views and fun we learned about the history of Patz & Hall as a brand and then were brought into the Salon to begin the Wine tasting.

Patz Hall Winery

Patz Hall Winery

Patz Hall WineryCheers to the gorgeous Sonoma view, the tasty bubbles and being able to enjoy a Friday afternoon doing this!

Patz Hall WineryThe Salon Tasting Room 

Once we settled into the Salon our Wine Educator Kathy explained that we would be trying 3 Chardonnays and 3 Pinot Noirs.  She also toured as around the room introducing us to the various growers Patz & Hall sources their grapes from. This was refreshing as those in the industry know many many wineries source grapes (it’s nearly impossible to grow all of your own grapes). However, Patz & Hall was one of the first Wineries I have visited who was open about their grape growing partners, embracing the strong relationships they have grown over the years vs. keeping the vineyards and grape sources mysterious as I’ve found most brands do.  What a breathe of fresh air or wine I should say!

Patz Hall Winery

What was special about the Patz & Hall tasting was that each of the Chardonnays were truly very different coming from three different vineyards: Rued Vineyard, Durell Vineyard & Hudson Vineyard. This resulted in three very tasting wines offering something for everyone. This is not the case at every winery. Sometimes it’s quite different to distinguish the differences in taste, grapes, AVA and such making me really appreciate the variety of the Chardonnays sampled. I also realized after hearing I was tasting a Durrell and Hudson Vineyard Chardonnay that I knew these vineyards (both two of my favorites) and had enjoyed the same growers grapes in a Ram’s Gate Durrel Chardonnay and a Ram’s Gate Hudson Chardonnay with my Ram’s Gate Wine Club allocation. It truly is a small wine world!  

After the Chardonnays we progressed to Pinot Noirs.  I found the three varietals we tried from Brown Ranch, Burnside Vineyard and Chenoweth Ranch all quite delicious.  They also paired extremely nicely with the food pairings. 

Patz Hall Winery

Patz Hall Winery The Wine tasting paired with Canapes by La Saison, a local caterer who is quite talented

Overall, I found the Salon tasting experience amazing. Not only because I love Wine & Food Tastings. How can you not! It’s double the fun. Not only do you get to taste wines, you also get to enjoy delicious food and then discover how the Wine & Food partner together. Truly fabulous for Food & Wine lovers.

As evident, I loved my visit to Patz & Hall. Not only because of the beautiful setting, the amazing friendly approachable, knowledgeable team but also their delicious wines and their approach to the guided visit. I found the brand very informative and proud of the strong relationships they have with their grape growers. This may have been one of the most memorable, unique elements of the visit considering so many other wineries I’ve experienced do not share the partners they have or their sources of grapes. It really was truly collaborative and a sign of a strong brand and family business. Thank you again Patz & Hall team for hosting me and my guest. We loved our visit, your amazing wines and your wonderful team. I look forward to returning again soon! XO The J.S.F. 

DISCLOSURE: Emily, The JetSetting Fashionista and guest enjoyed a complimentary tasting during this visit. However, Emily was not paid to write this post and only writes posts or features about wineries, food, hotels, products or destinations that she personally enjoys and proudly endorses and wants to share with her readers. All opinions expressed are her own.Patz and Hall


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