Top 10 Napa Wineries


Napa's Top 10 Wineries

As a huge wine country lover, I try to visit as much as I can. As a result, in the two and half years I’ve lived in San Francisco, I have discovered some of my favorite Wineries to visit and to recommend. If you’re looking to see more than just Napa, here are my Top 10 Sonoma Wineries and my Top 10 Paso Robles Wineries

To me, a few things make a winery special.

First, the wine. I obviously must like the wine, or I won’t return.

Second, the people and team behind the Winery. No matter how good wine is, if the wine maker or team sharing the wine with you aren’t wonderful, it’s pretty hard to want to return.

Third, the story of the brand and or wine maker’s family. I love hearing how a family got into the wine business or why a particular winery specializes in one wine vs. another.

Lastly, a smaller intimate feeling. I prefer not to visit wineries with large tour buses of people visiting. However, that’s not to say I won’t fall in love with a large winery, but simply that I try to find the smaller, more unique ones, like a Boutique Hotel. 

Below is a running list of Top 10 Napa Valley Wineries I adore. This will be like the Eater 38 list which changes frequently. So visit often as I’ll be updating it with whichever new favorite spot I’ve discovered! Click on the link next to each wineries name to read more about the Winery.  Note: there is no particular order here, just a list of my favorite Napa Valley Wineries. 

Opus One Napa Valley (Read more here)

Opus One

Opus One

Covert Estate Tasting Room

Covert Estate

Raymond Winery

Top 10 Napa Wineries

Matthiasson Vineyard (Read more here)  

Matthiasson Wine

 St. Supery Winery (Read more here)


 Cade Winery (Read more here)

Cade Winery

Ovid Winery (Read more here)

Napa Wineries

Caymus Vineyards (Read more here)

Caymus Vineyards

Duckhorn Winery (Read more here)

Napa Wineries

Turnbull (Read more here)

Turnbull Wine Cellars One of Napa's Best Wineries & Vineyards

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