San Francisco’s Top 10 Burgers


As you’ve probably read, I’m originally from the Midwest which means I grew up eating a LOT of meat and LOVE IT!! Our summers hanging out on Lake Michigan included lots of BBQ’s with Burgers, Hot Dogs and typical summer fun.  Even after becoming a California girl a few things will never change. The first being my Midwest roots. The second, my LOVE of meat.  As a result, I’m always craving the best burger, wherever I dine!

Here you’ll find a running list of San Francisco’s Top 10 Burgers.  This will be like the Eater 38 list which will be updated frequently. So, visit to see my latest burger discovery.  Note, there is no particular order to the list.  If you have a burger you recommend I try, please email me at Emily at Thanks for sharing your SF Burger Love!

1. Finn Town  Finn Town Burger $18Finn Town which recently opened from the incredibly talented Chef Ryan Scott is one you should hurry into. I went the first week they were open and was blown away by the charming setting, this amazzzzing burger and the entire visit. The burger reminds me of something I had as a kid. Very simple, yet extremely flavorful and juicy with a light yet flavorful aioli sauce. It really is divine and something any burger lover will adore.  2251 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114.

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Top 10 San Francisco Burgers

2. Mezcalito Mezcalito Gouda Burger $13.  The newest addition to Polk Street is Mezcalito with one of the most delicious burgers I have had in months. Hurry in and check out this burger it’s killer! Also I recommend not sharing this. I shared and was pretty sad I didn’t have my own all to myself. 2323 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109.

Top 10 San Francisco Burgers

3. Wes Burger ‘N’ More Wes Burger $10. Another new Burger gem I recently discovered in the Mission is Wes Burger. Set on Mission Street in a cool modern setting with a throwback to a 70’s diner vibe this $10 burger is incredible. It’s bright setting paired with the delicious, yummy eats make it a Mission must try. 2240 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Top 10 San Francisco Burgers

4. Wayfare Tavern The Tavern Burger $22  – Anyone that knows San Francisco food knows of the iconic Wayfare Tavern owned by acclaimed Chef Tyler Florence. After finally making it into Wayfare Tavern to experience their Burger I have to say it’s incredible. It’s on a yummy Brioche Bun, with reserve cheddar, sauteed onion and avocado and or bacon as add ons. Typically I do a burger plain, however, I went with the avocado and it was fabulous. The fries are also killer!

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5.  Cafe Du Nord Burger Du Nord $16.50. For those of you foodies hooked on Thomas McNaughton’s Food, as in the Chef/Owner behind Central Kitchen (read here) , flour + water (read about here), and Aatxe (read more here) you’ll go crazy over this burger.   I just recently had it and fell so in love it’s been immediately added as the the newest addition to my Top 10 San Francisco Burger list.  This burger is served with sharp cheddar cheese, lettuce, pickles and secret sauce with French Fries. I was blown away by the simplicity of the burger (except the secret sauce of course), my favorite kind as too much fuss on a burger makes it hard to taste the beef and cheese and really know if it’s good. The fries are equally as delicious so be sure to get both and you’ll see for your self!

Cafe Du Nord Burger

6. Nopa Wood Grilled Hamburger $16.50. For any Nopa regulars like myself, you know there’s not much to say about the Nopa Burger besides try it! It’s one of the staples on the menu which you get to watch during brunch for those dining at the Chef’s Counter (my fav spot in the house!). The Nopa Burger is a generous portion of grass-fed beef with cheese of your choice, and fries. It’s quite heavenly and super popular as you dine and notice those enjoying it around you!

San Francisco Top 10 Burgers

7. Causwell’s Americana Burger $15.75. This is truly an Americana burger reminding you of what a delicious classic burger be. Chef Adam Rosenblum, who I’m a huge fan of and have had the pleasure of interviewing (check the Chef Adam Rosenblum interview here) uses American cheese plus pickles, crispy onions and a Causwells sauce on his divine burger. It’s truly mouth-watering and so indulgent you won’t need french fries to pair with it. Instead, enjoy some light seasonal greens. 

San Francisco's Top 10 Burgers

8. 4505 Meats Best Damn Grass Fed Cheeseburger $8.75 (single) or $13.75 (double).  After spending a few hours in the kitchen staging (that’s the restaurant industry’s word for shadowing a chef as you learn the ropes) with Chef Andrew (check out the 4505 Meats Stage & Interview here) all I wanted was more beef. Literally and that’s when I tried their cheeseburger for the first time and was blown away. It’s extremely juicy with delicious Gruyère cheese, a secret 4505 sauce on a buttery grilled Sesame & Scallion Bun. Not only is it delicious but it’s the best burger bargain on this list so a win win! At $8.75 you can have a beer and still spend less than $15. Score!

Top 10 SF Burgers

9. Spruce Restaurant Spruce Burger & French Fries $18. Like Spruce Restaurant, the Spruce Burger is an elegant classic! It comes with fries (which I may love just as much as the burger) and even if you share the burger (which I do a lot with girl friends) you each get your own plate with half a burger and a full french fries order.  This seems like a small touch, but it’s the small touches that say a lot about Spruce, the Chef, and how they treat their guests! Appreciated and noted by The J.S.F.! The burger comes on an English Muffin Bun which sets it apart from its competition and is delicious. You can choose your cheese of choice, and bacon is an additional add-on option for those feeling ambitious.

Top 10 San Francisco Burgers

10. Fog City Fog City Burger & Fries $17.50. The Fog City Burger will remind you of your childhood. Not to say it’s a child size portion, I mean the delicious burger takes you back to a familiar comfort food you just want more of.  Especially due to the delicious gooey house-made American Cheese which really sets this burger apart from others.  The burger includes Smoked Tomato Aioli, House-Made American Cheese, Tomato, Onion, Dill Pickles, and Hand Cut Fries. Not only is the cheese amazing, I loved the combination of other goodies on the burger especially the onion and dill pickles.

Top 10 San Francisco Burgers

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