48 Hours Sightseeing In Zagreb Croatia

48 Hours Sightseeing In Zagreb Croatia

I’m currently traveling in Croatia for ten days followed by Morocco. I’m very lucky as a dear friend Katherine planned her 2015 Wanderlust Trip so I tagged along for these two countries. Read with me for posts covering our travels. 

Below is my suggested list of the must see’s during a 48 hour visit to Zagreb Croatia. I’ve split up the sightseeing and the dining so check both to get the complete JetSetting Fashionista’s suggestions. I hope you enjoy Zagreb as much as we did and happy reading. XO, Emily. Zagreb, Croatia. 

Must See’s

  • A Market – Zagreb has some great markets, read more below!
  • The Lower and Upper Towns – Zagreb is divided by area and be sure to check out both Upper and Lower Towns. They have different feels to them and are both equally charming.
  • Museums – Zagreb is known for having amazing museums. Check your tour guide to find what’s of the most interest to you and visit!
  • St. Stephen’s Chapel – A stunning Chapel just off The Dolac open-air food market. Swing by here on your way to Upper Town.
  • Stroll the city – Zagreb is a very easy walking town (if you prefer more action rent a bike shown below) but it’s manageable to walk and cover a lot of ground.
  • Sit and relax over a coffee, cake or drink – Croatians are known for loving to sit and chat over a coffee, drink or coffee. This is evident along the streets of the city. Immerse yourself in this relaxed atmosphere during your visit.

IMG_0009The stunning Croatian National Theatre


Zagreb CroatiaBan Jelacic Square (the center of the city) with the tram and local markets all running through this daily

Zagreb CroatiaDolac open-air food market. Great spot to shop and see the local culture. Such beautiful bright colors and amazing produce.

Zagreb Croatia

Zagreb Croatia

Zagreb CroatiaWe bumped into this group of soldiers rehearsing their march. It was very cool to see and witness just off the Dolac market. 

Zagreb Croatia

Zagreb CroatiaSt. Stephen’s Chapel. One of the two spires is currently being restored. So beautiful inside and out (we briefly attended their Sunday mass). 

Zagreb Croatia

Zagreb Croatia     Blue Bike Zagreb an amazing local bike touring company.

Zagreb Croatia

Zagreb CroatiaThe Antique Fair at Britanski Trg held every Sunday from 8am – 2pm. This was fun to check out. It’s also a popular spot to just hang out, relax and have a coffee or beer with friends. 

Zagreb Croatia

Zagreb Croatia

Zagreb CroatiaAfter shopping the market we hung out at this popular destination rehydrating with some local Ozujsko Beer and Jamnico Water. Perfect spot for a break. 

Zagreb CroatiaThe one funicular in the city taking you to the Upper Town Area of Zagreb. We actually walked along side it as it’s not super steep or a long walk. Your choice!

48 Hours Sightseeing In Zagreb CroatiaThe city view from the top of the funicular

48 Hours Sightseeing In Zagreb CroatiaThe top of the funicular leading to Strossmatre a walkway through The Upper Town district which is a lovely spot for a scenic walk. 

48 Hours Sightseeing In Zagreb CroatiaThe original stone gate connecting the lower and upper parts of the city. There were originally four and this is the only remaining gate so check it out!  

48 Hours Sightseeing In Zagreb Croatia

Zagreb CroatiaSt. Mark’s Church such a beautiful church in the square with Parliament and the President’s residence

Zagreb CroatiaUpper Town’s Sabor (Parliament)

IMG_0126The President’s residence also in Upper Town

Zagreb CroatiaThis may have been the most unexpected surprise. As we were strolling around Upper Town these two soldiers dashed by on horseback. Love the speed of these guys!

48 Hours Sightseeing In Zagreb CroatiaStrolling through a gorgeous park in the residential area of The Upper Town

48 Hours Sightseeing In Zagreb CroatiaThe charming area of Upper Town (Cafe shown is Velvet Velvet)

48 Hours Sightseeing In Zagreb Croatia

48 Hours Sightseeing In Zagreb Croatia

48 Hours Sightseeing In Zagreb Croatia The streets of Zagreb


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